The good thing about the kitchen is that it gives you freedom.  

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Creativity grows from limitations


Cantina Peruana, Lisboa

Cantina Peruana is a fusion of the best Portuguese ingredients combined with the joy of Peruvian cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere, created under the universe of renown Portuguese Chef José Avillez to offer a journey through the geography and culture of Peru.


Belmond Andean Explorer

The Belmond Andean Explorer provides a unique dining experience, as adventurous and luxurious, taking visitors of Perú to new culinary heights through the Peruvian Andes.

The journey is an experience in its own right, but we also wanted to portray the culture, history and heritage of Peru all at the same time in every meal.

PMY Tiradito

PMY, Copenhagen 

Latin American gastronomies are so original, millenary, with so many references between locals that the cannot be set apart, the cannot grow isolated, they have always lived mixed together.

This home styled flavours come together in Vesterbro worked by chefs: Diego Muñoz, Emilio Macías and Karlos Ponte.

ulucliffhouse diego munoz

UluCliffhouse, Bali

Set at the edge of Uluwatu, UluCliffhouse redefines the set ideas about beach club food, with an unparalleled view and the wild feeling of the cliffs. Here we use really simple ingredients, but that’s the challenge: to make nice dishes with simple ingredients. 


At all levels, food is an innovative dialogue between cultures

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Events and Collaborations

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