Chef and concept creator. He has gained a solid reputation as one of the most influential chefs from South America, splitting his time between projects in Peru and around the world.


After leading the kitchen in Astrid y Gastón, where he made the move to the now famous Casa Moreyra, Diego started an ongoing exploration around the globe, exchanging his culinary creativity with cooks in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, reviving his connection to foreign lands, where he had nourished his first years as a cook.

From there on he has designed and implemented as many restaurants and culinary events in Miami, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Bodrum, Panama and of course Peru. His concern for an ethical backbone to every project has him focused in the use of local produce as a creative source, while his detailed execution is now part of the mindset of a new generation of chefs taking over the kitchens of Australia, Europe and Latin America.


He is the Director of 3 Gatos, his newly launched consulting team, and keeps the personal creativity through Atman, a unique experience where he fosters the relationship between guests through outstanding food, seasonal produce and hip ambience.

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