One cook. One sommelier.

10 strangers ready to meet in a table where produce and playfulness are key, but socialising becomes core.

Pure joy, no masks.

The table has been made by the cook, the ambience too, as it is his open home.


A second layer to ATMAN 1.0, connecting with the terroir and giving the time and space to embrace the wisdom of nature, in it's most simple form within the desert surrounding the valley of Lima.


(In development). 


La Vikinga is a simple burger joint that bets on high quality and flexibility, allowing free customisation and best produce, using alternative flours for the breads, Andean potatos and fair trade produce. 



We are giving the time to a low intervention wine nourished in partnership with Pepe Moquillaza, expert in our unique lands and grape varieties.

We are making wine in the desert, with all the hope. 


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